Frequently Asked Questions

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My family and I moved to Cochrane 8 years ago.  I am currently employed with a major oil company as a Maintenance Work Management Specialist.   This corporate functional support role involves development and documentation of our maintenance practices as well as being the liaison between IT and the the end users of the maintenance planning and scheduling software.  I began this journey as an apprentice millwright in a northern Alberta pulp mill.  Shortly after being certified as a Red Seal Journeyman, I entered into a Maintenance Planner role, and within 5 years I was scheduling turnarounds at one of the most efficient thermal oil extraction (SAGD) companies in the world!  

Throughout my 20 years in the Forestry and Oil & Gas industries, I have experienced work reductions personally and and with those I have worked with.  I have much empathy for individuals whose job security is under constant threat. Today’s work force must learn to be flexible, entrepreneurial and able to identify opportunities in all situations.

My current certifications include having a Blue Seal (Business Acumen) Journeyman Millwright certification, as well as being a Maintenance Management Professional.  

I am currently enrolled in an Asset Management Professional program, scheduled for completion by mid-2022.  This program currently qualifies as one of the programs municipalities in Ontario are required to have in order to meet their Asset Management regulation.

My wife and I have 2 children.  My son graduated last year from St. Timothy High School, and now works as an arborist.  He has remained living in Cochrane and is on his own (such independence)!  My daughter is in Grade 12 this year and has not yet settled on where she would like to continue with her post secondary education

I have been a resident of Cochrane for the past 8 years. I have seen it grow from a small town to a
community grappling with a 30% population increase. I want to see our community continue to be a
great place to raise a family. I believe strongly that decisions in government should be made keeping
the Five Pillars of a Successful Community in mind: Safety, good medical care, recreation opportunities,
good education and economic opportunity.

I am not a “One Issue” candidate. Cochrane is a great community and I am proud to make it my home. There are always new problems, and opportunities, coming down the road, from government downloading to the economy to ideas for improving our community and working with our neighbours. I will always work hard making and keeping Cochrane and region a wonderful community.

My campaign is financially supported entirely by my family, relatives and friends who have volunteered their time. If you want to help the campaign, I would appreciate it greatly if you would take one of our campaign signs. Send an email to myself with your own contact information using the form on this website. And of course, tell your friends, family and neighbours about me! I am “All In For Cochrane!”

Cochrane already is one of the greatest communities to live in. I want to ensure that this holds true in
the future. I want to use the Five Pillars of a Successful Community (safety, good medical care,
recreation opportunities, good education and economic opportunity) , to make decisions that enhance
our town and ensure we thrive in the upcoming years.

I work in the oil & gas industry.  Although this industry is perceived with some as having an uncertain future, I have
faith that technological breakthroughs will ensure the industry will provide products, careers, and tax
revenue well into the future. This industry is working towards clean energy and I believe it will succeed.

Growth is coming to Cochrane whether we want it or not. But if we have a strong vision of what we
want our community to be five, ten, twenty years from now and further, we can direct that growth to
support our vision.
Growth is an opportunity for our community. It provides economic opportunity for our youth, reasons
for families to move to Cochrane, a demand for good educational facilities and more recreational

You can start by using the Contact Form on this website. You can also telephone the number at the bottom of this page. It is a local number to Cochrane so no long distance charges. I might not be able to talk to you immediately, but if you leave a message with the best time for you, I will do my best to call.

I am proud to call Cochrane my home. I share the values the “Man of Vision” statue that overlooks our community represents. Of course, it is only fair that we have both Men and Women, and even Children, of Vision and I am looking for art work that illustrates that. I just haven’t found anything that works, Not yet, anyway!